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An independent financial firm specialised in Structured Products.

FP Wealth Capital SA is a Geneva-based Wealth and Asset Management company offering Financial Products, investments mandates, and advisory services to its range of professional clients.

Financial Products

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Financial Products are investment products whose repayment value derives from the development of one or several underlying assets. They are created by wrapping together in a security format traditional investments, such as bond or deposits, with financial derivatives.

A suitable product can be created for virtually every derivative strategy, market expectation (growing, sideways-moving, sinking) and risk profile (conservative, balanced, aggressive).
Most widely used are products with full or partial capital protection, as well as those with optimum risk-yield ratios.

Legally, structured products are obligations whose repayment is guaranteed by the issuer, making the credit rating of the debtor (issuer) one of the very important risk indicators.

About Us

FPWC SA expertise on Structured Products.

We differentiate ourself from traditional wealth management companies through the implementation of financial products investment mandates and advisory services. As such, our clients – which include private individuals and family offices – have the opportunity to access a complete range of financial products and structured products solutions to manage their wealth.
The Financial Products industry has witnessed a tremendous development over the past decade. In today’s modern wealth management environment, investors require tailor made solutions to implement investment strategies that exactly match their needs.

Our philosophy is to go hand in hand with our clients during the entire investment process while at all times reflecting the three core values of our company which are Entrepreneurship, Independence and Excellence.

FPWC SA was founded by a team of successful market professionals, all with long international track records in the fields of Capital Markets, Financial Products, Structured Products, Derivatives and Wealth Management services.


FPWC SA has three core values which drive its day to day approach to business.


We are entrepreneurial. Driven by intuition, we embrace new opportunities and aim to get things done. We value bold thinking and allow turning new ideas into great execution.

We take calculated risks, balancing needs of the business with needs of people. Our team is insightful, ingenious and resourceful.


Money matters are very personal. Being totally independent and free of conflicts of interest, our team identifies strongly with each client’s uniqueness.

Dissociating from increasing standardization among investment management professionals, we aim to offer our clients with innovative and tailor made investment solutions, as opposed to push-sales to satisfy third party’s interest.


We deliver what we promise-and add value that goes beyond what is expected. We surpass others through sustained performance and superior thinking.

But Excellence also goes with trust, and our team provides services with the very highest standards of operational and regulatory efficiency and integrity.

Geneva Emblem


FPWC SA has its headquarters in the largest private banking hub for Europe: Geneva, Switzerland.

Effectiveness and efficiency combined with banker’s discretion have forged Geneva’s worldwide reputation.

While Switzerland as a whole manages 28% of the world’s private offshore assets, Geneva is the birthplace and capital of international asset management. It is a benchmark of excellence for other financial centres. The success of the term of "private banking" underlines the fact that the criteria of quality that are applied to Geneva, where private banking was born 200 years ago, represent a world reference for the profession.

Geneva is where the two largest Swiss banks, the top fund managers in Europe, look after their largest assets. It is also in Geneva that an increasing number of foreign banks are now concentrating their international asset management teams. There are around 60 foreign-controlled banks in Geneva today.

This cross-fertilization is responsible for its dynamic financial activity, further stimulated by hundreds of finance companies, independent asset managers, and asset management departments of large foreign fiduciaries and brokers.


FPWC SA is affiliated to one of the leading Swiss Self Regulated Organisation (SRO), the Organisme d’Autoregulation des Gerants de Patrimoine (“OAR-G”).

The mission of OAR-G consists in:

As an active member of OAR-G, FPWC SA embraces its legal commitments which include:

In addition, FPWC SA follows the latest recommendations of the Swiss Banking Association related to Structured Products marketing documentation and of the Swiss Structured Product Association related to Structured Products classifications.